Alicia Young 
alicia young Alicia Young is a poet, editor, mother of twin boys and avid reader. She is a modern day Southern belle, born on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, and is seventh great granddaughter of Pocahontas. She enjoys black coffee and Wild Turkey in the morning, complemented by a fine cigar at night. Her Electra complex is the stuff of legend. She makes a hobby of causing blonde women to cry. Ms.Young is the baddest woman on the planet with a set of nunchaku while any southern rock is playing. Her writing has been published in The Long Islander, Cultural Weekly, American Funeral Director, The Vagina Gun, The Musophobist, The Montucky Review, Take-It-To-The-Streets-Poetry, The Juice Bar, The Moronic Ox Literary & Cultural Journal and The Mas Tequila Review. She is the author of Hell on Heels, (Lady-Lazarus Press) and Fried Chicken, Schmussy, and Other Songs from a Baptist Hymnal.
fried chicken cover