The Grandest Adventure

grandest adventure

The Grandest Adventure

Christopher Paul Carey


To mark the centenary year of the birth of one of science fiction and fantasy’s undisputed masters, Philip José Farmer (1918–2009), Farmer scholar and collaborator Christopher Paul Carey has collected in these pages a large selection of his essays and interviews on Farmer and his work. Written over a period of more than twenty years, these pieces, many of them originally published in obscure and hard-to-find places, offer insights into some of Farmer’s most important and popular novels and stories. One of the most momentous books yet published on Philip José Farmer’s writing, The Grandest Adventure will make a welcome addition to the libraries of fans, devotees, and casual science fiction readers alike.

Christopher Paul Carey is the coauthor with Philip José Farmer of The Song of Kwasin, and the author of Exiles of Kho; Hadon, King of Opar and Blood of Ancient Opar, all works set in Farmer’s Khokarsa series. He has edited four collections of Philip José Farmer’s work—Up from the Bottomless Pit, Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, The Other in the Mirror and (with Win Scott Eckert) Tales of the Wold Newton Universe—and was the coeditor of Farmerphile: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer from 2005–2007. He holds a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction and resides in the Pacific Northwest. Visit him online at

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ISBN: 978-1-909849-61-7