Matt Bialer

In June 1947, Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a strange, disc-like object in the sky. His sighting received nationwide publicity, became a cause celebre, and in what might, or might not, have been mass hysteria, hundreds more reports of such phenomena quickly followed. This was the birth of the flying-saucer age. Poet of the extraordinary Matt Bialer, who has long been fascinated by accounts of the weird and unusual, here turns his attention to what followed Arnold's sighting, the public fear, the military paranoia and the attempts to establish just what Arnold and others had seen. As always with Bialer's long poems, Formation is a gripping and mesmerizing read that takes us on a helter-skelter ride into the realms of the unexplained.

Matt Bialer is the author of numerous books of poetry including Radius and Wing of Light (Les Editions du Zaporogue), Already Here, Ark, Black Powder, (Black Coffee Press), Bridge and Frequencies (Leaky Boot Press), Tell Them What I Saw (PS Publishing), He Walks On All Fours and Kings of Men (Dynatox Ministries) and Ascent (Bizarro Pulp Press). His poems have appeared in many print and online journals including Le Zaporogue, Green Mountains Review, Gobbet, Forklift Ohio and H_NGM_N. He is an acclaimed black and white street photographer and watercolorist who has exhibited widely Matt lives with his wife and daughter in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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ISBN: 978-1-909849-30-3