Spontaneous Combustions
Seb Doubinsky


An important new collection by the internationally acclaimed poet Seb Doubinsky.

"Seb Doubinsky's short, quiet poems are little explosions of epiphany. "A rose is a rose but not a rose." "20,000 lightnings in the night but no illumination". A worn down, broken toy is actually a sign that the child is growing up. A bird not chirping makes the poet realize that the bird is indeed there and we need the poet to describe it and sing its song. These poems soothe, startle and illuminate as great poetry should. And like any real literature, I can read them over and over and make new connections, have new revelations. 'California Raisins,' the fantastic long poem that concludes the collection, is a meditation on the poet's long awaited return to California. It is exactly the mythical California that he remembers, with "Kerouac's melancholic fog" and "Sandburg trains" and yet California is also an empty parking lot with "Safeway brown bags and Gucci shoeboxes". The poem is both a celebration of this beautiful, sunny state and an elegy for the failures of culture. Doubinsky's little explosions indeed illuminate."

Matt Bialer, author of Bridge, Already Here & Ark

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